Your Say – Testimonials

“Love going to Dr. Lawson – always helpful to my health and well being. I feel so much better getting great information on how to get my hormones balanced. Recommend you give her a call to get your health in order.” DK
“I have a good PCP but Dr Lawson was truly listening to my responses after asking the question, I’m finally feeling confident about getting a diagnosis! Thank you.” Stefanie R.
“Very satisfied. After several visits with Dr. Lawson I feel she has put me on the right track for resolving ongoing underlying issues regarding fatigue and GI. I greatly appreciate her genuine concern and determination in finding answers others have dismissed. I am very happy with the results. I highly recommend.” Donna J.
“Best Decision. I made a commitment to myself this year to look into healthier treatment for my thyroid. I have been on medication for years and still feel tired and sluggish. My first visit with Dr. Lawson was great. She asked lots of questions and took the time to listen to how I was feeling. I know I am on my way to having more energy and to better health. Looking forward to my next visit where Dr. Lawson can tell me more about my results and work towards a healthier me.” Diana K.
“I am a patient of Dr. Lawson’s. I am very happy with the care I receive. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. I highly recommend!” Donna B.
“Dr. Lawson is very nice and seems to be guiding me through my issues.” D. B.
“Had a 1/2 hour phone appointment with Dr. Tanya Lawson. Very satisfying discussion. I definitely felt heard re: my questions and concerns, given answers and suggestions, plus she honored my ideas and we worked together for a plan. Summary of our ‘visit’ came immediately via email to have for me to be clear about our discussion.” J.B.
“I was pleasantly surprised with my first visit to Dr. Lawson. She was kind, caring, and showed genuine concern regarding my condition. After my endocrinologist quit his practice I went to multiple endocrinologists to receive treatment for well over a year. I was unable to find a doctor who was knowledgeable enough. Dr. Lawson was a breath of fresh air!” R.F.
“A great resource for natural health care. We are so fortunate to have Inbloom Health close by. Dr. Lawson is personable, knowledgeable and thorough. I have several hormonal imbalances that she helps me manage and I couldn’t be more satisfied with her care and my improved health!” A.P.