Aesthetic FAQs

Find answers to common aesthetic FAQs.

Why should I choose InBloom Health for my aesthetic treatments?

InBloom Health recognizes the importance of feeling your best from the inside out. Our unique approach creates the most natural of looks so that you do not look “done,” “overtreated,” or unlike yourself. Many of our clients comment on our staff’s youthful, beautiful, and natural appearance. InBloom Health offers a personalized, boutique environment where you do not feel rushed or feel just like a number. We also understand the importance of an individualized approach to your skin health. This is why you will always meet with one of our doctors first to help create the best treatment plan for you.

Do you remove moles or skin tags?

No, we don’t provide any treatments that involve minor surgery or cryotherapy. Contact your primary care provider to arrange for a dermatologist referral.

Can I come to InBloom Health for a second opinion?

Yes, many individuals have trusted InBloom Health for second opinions when it comes to their skin. Skin treatments can be costly, and InBloom Health offers many affordable options for a variety of concerns. Also, we pride ourselves on exceptional outcomes, so we will not recommend treatment if we feel it is not going to help you achieve your goals.

Do you treat men?

Yes, InBloom Health offers aesthetic services for both men and women.

I’ve had photofacial or laser treatment at a spa, how do your treatments differ?

Spa-grade light and laser therapies do not deliver the same punch as medical-grade light therapies and lasers since they do not penetrate the skin at a deep level. Although safe, the results tend not to be as dramatic or last as long as stronger, professional medical systems. We have treated many spa clients that are thrilled with the difference that medical technology can offer.  

Do you treat varicose veins?

We only treat veins that are cosmetic in nature – spider veins and reticular veins. For varicose vein treatments, contact your primary care provider to arrange a referral to a vascular surgeon.

Do I need a referral to book an appointment?

No referral is needed to book an appointment.

Do you treat teens?

Yes, with parental permission, teens under the age of 18 can receive treatment at InBloom Health.

I have a skin condition not listed on your website, can you help?

Give us a call and inquire! We treat many skin conditions through our functional and integrative medical practice and may have options for you. Eczema is a common concern that we see in our medical practice.


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