Wellness FAQs

Find answers to your wellness questions at InBloom Health.

Do you offer financing for services?

Yes! We partner with Green Sky Financing, and you can apply for financing of your chosen amount with up to 18 months equal payments, interest-free to pay for ANY service in our office. Longer terms with interest are also available. To apply online or to prequalify, follow the link and click “check your rate.”

Why visit InBloom Health?

InBloom Health is a unique health care concept. Experience the difference from the moment you walk through our doors. Think individualized care in a beautiful spa-like environment. No crowded waiting rooms and you are never just a number at Inbloom Health. We purposely limit how many patients we accept each year so that we can continue to offer you exceptional health care and personalized service.

We also offer a unique approach to your health. Dr. Lawson is Londonderry’s only licensed naturopathic doctor. By combining naturopathic medicine with evidence-based integrative care, she practices functional and personalized medicine in a unique way. Many patients will come to us with one or several health concerns that they want to solve while other patients come because they want to optimize health and wellness. Others visit us for our medical aesthetic services that aim at making you look naturally beautiful.

Expect our staff to listen to you and empower you to take charge of your health and wellness. We are currently accepting new patients. Book a meet and greet today to find out if InBloom Health is right for you.

What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

Naturopathic doctors have a minimum of 8 years of post-secondary training. To attend naturopathic medical school, one must first complete an undergraduate degree with the necessary pre-med courses. Naturopathic doctors attend a separate 4-year full-time medical program at one of the 6 accredited colleges in North America. North American and state licensing boards must be passed in order to practice as a naturopathic doctor. Only 21 states, including NH, currently license naturopathic doctors. In NH, naturopathic medicine is a small profession and there approximately 60 naturopathic doctors in the entire state.

Fundamental to naturopathic medical school is a focus on finding the root cause of illness. Naturopathic medical school integrates functional and holistic medicine for the duration of the 4year program.

How much do visits cost?

For the most up-to-date pricing, please visit our online booking feature.

Do you treat my health condition?

Please contact us to find out. We are also available for a meet and greet appointment to discuss integrative medical approaches to your health or to answer any questions you may have.

Do you accept insurance?

This is the most common question we receive. Our providers are considered out-of-network for all health care plans, and many insurance plans will reimburse you for visits with naturopathic doctors. We also directly accept FSA and HSA cards.

Fees for services rendered will be due at the end of the visit, but we are happy to provide a superbill (a special bill with insurance codes) for you to submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement. We cannot guarantee reimbursement so please contact your insurance provider to determine your specific coverage. Some specialized lab tests and supplements will not be covered by your insurance plan. Health savings plans (HSA) and (FSA) may also be used toward naturopathic medical services, prescribed supplements, and testing. We accept all major credit cards, cash, and check as payment for services. We also offer financing through Green Sky Financing.

Why don’t you contract with insurance?

We choose to be out-of-network for many reasons. Firstly, our providers and staff are able to spend more time with you during your visit, which allows us to offer better care and more value for your visits. Secondly, we are able to make decisions about your health that are in your best interest instead of following guidelines to satisfy insurance requirements. Thirdly, we are also able to have a lower volume of patients, which enables a more personalized experience. More importantly, many patients appreciate knowing the upfront cost of their health care versus unpredictable insurance bills. This makes it easier to budget and plan for visits. Many patients are surprised that visits at our office cost much less than the bills they receive from their conventional providers.

What if I already have a primary care provider (PCP)?

InBloom Health offers personalized functional and integrative medicine. Many patients use Inbloom Health’s services while maintaining their own PCP, and we are happy to work with any of your health care providers. Although we offer there may be some service overlap between Inbloom Health and your PCP, we do not meet an insurance company’s requirements for being designated your PCP, and we are not considered in-network for any insurance providers. We also recommend you continue your relationship with your current PCP since we do not handle emergencies, and many insurance plans require your PCP referral for specialist services.


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